A Brief History

Ambient Night Productions was established in
2009 by Adam Seager.

In 2001, Adam was given his first opportunity to
direct and since then has never looked back. His passion for directing and producing took him to New York where he continued to work in children’s theatre. On Adam’s return from New York, he set up Ambient Night Productions with the vision of providing local youngsters with the same training and experiences he provided the hundreds of children in the United States.

A Brief History

Our Aim

Ambient Night Productions aims to create more than just actors. We want to create theatre practitioners. Individuals with a raw passion for theatre, willing to experience and experiment with a broad range of theatre skills to create their desired performance.

This aim has lead us to create one of the most diverse selection of classes and workshops currently available to children today.

Our Future

Having worked hard to establish our children’s theatre programme, we aim to step out into new territory and continually expand our ever growing repertoire.

With the increasing popularity of our Repertory Company we are now able to offer opportunities to our Theatre School members to further their theatre experience and knowledge in theatre. We are always striving to provide youngsters with the same potentially life changing opportunities Adam received himself so many years ago.

Ambient Night Repertory Company

Launched in 2014, our repertory group has taken on a life of its own growing in popularity and production size. Performing a variety of comedy and drama productions and featuring the very best local talent, it continues to go from strength to strength.

We work in conjunction with the Prince of Wales Theatre in Cannock to produce shows that our audiences rave about. Our partnership with the theatre allows us to reach out further into the community, offering discounts to school groups and providing follow up workshops for pupils who want to learn more about the production process.

All of our productions are created in-house from beginning to end. We design and build all of our own sets, scenery, props and costumes. The expertise of the group and the partnerships we have developed allow us to produce truly bespoke productions of a consistently high standard.

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I have never laughed so much. Well done to everyone involved you made it a wonderful evening. To all of those people who have not seen this production company’s plays you really should. I can guarantee that whether it's a serious play or a comedy they will entertain you.

Jayne W, via Facebook

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