Post-Covid Return Update

Post-Covid Return Update


Our sincerest apologies for our recent radio silence. As keen as we have been to get started again, there has been little to no news about when we can return, until now…

Ambient Night Theatre Training (Saturday Classes)

We are currently talking to the theatre with a planned return date which we feel positive will be mid June. Under the current guidelines this will mean certain restrictions until the end of the summer term. Other children’s classes have started back already but with us being so close to getting out of lockdown (hopefully for good), we wanted to hold back and make sure it was completely safe to do so instead of starting and having to stop again if there was another lockdown.

So, we will keep you posted but he hope that we will see you again by mid-June for our Saturday classes.

Summer Show 2020

Our official status is that we are “remaining hopeful” that this years summer show will go ahead. For our summer show to go ahead unimpeded, we ideally need an end to restrictions. The current roadmap to the end of lockdown suggests that this will be the end of June and we are staying positive that this will happen. Unfortunately, until we know 100% that this will be the case we can not confirm the summer show for sure. However, should the summer show go ahead we can tell you the following:

  • The dates set aside are Monday 9th August – Friday 20th August 2021 with our final performance on Saturday 21st August 2021
  • We are hoping to do the show that we had prepared for 2020, “Bring It On: The Musical”. This is subject to licensing restrictions.
  • If your last summer show would have been 2020 due to age restrictions, we will allow you to join the summer show for 2021. Some special arrangements may need to be made due to child protection laws.
  • Auditions will be slightly different this year in that we will provide the songs and sides for people to prepare.

Backstage School

Unfortunately, until lockdown has officially ended we are unable to re start our backstage school. The work that we do in the backstage school is simply too hands-on to be able to manage safely. The amount of cleaning required on every tool touched would significantly affect how well we could run the class as well as the difficulties in remaining socially distanced when we need to monitor pupils safety in using machinery. However, there is some good news for when we do return…

  • We have a new workshop, much bigger than the previous.
  • We have spent our downtime refurbishing and retooling our workshop, making our building processes much easier.
  • We will be able to offer the classes to a larger number of pupils.

We wish we had more definite news for you, but at this time we can not make any guarantees until the official status of lockdown changes.

We are staying positive that we will be able to see you all very soon.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

– Adam

22 April 2021

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